1. PNP Entrance

General Information

o          Philippine Constitution

o          Philippine Government

o          PNP Law

o          Five (5) Pillars of the Criminal Justice System

o          Current Events

Verbal Reasoning

o          Vocabulary

o          Comprehension

o          Grammar

Quantitative Reasoning

o          Basic Concepts

o          Problem Solving Skills

Logical Reasoning

o          Induction

o          Deduction

o          Synthesis


  1. Promotional Examination

    General Information

o         Current Events (National and International events and     developments)

o          Philippine Constitution (ART II-VIII, XI, XVI)

o     Pertinent COMELEC Resolutions

o   Philippine Criminal Justice System

o   Special laws (RA 9165, 9208, 7877, 9262, etc.)

o    Social Awareness (Environmental & Ecological laws - Clean Air    Act & Ecological Waste Management Act and issues)

PNP Administration     

o          PNP Organizational Structure

o     PNP Management Concepts

o         PNP Personnel Policies (Recruitment, Promotion, Placement,     PER, Retirement, etc.)

o         PNP Disciplinary Policies (Disciplinary Bodies, Appellate     Bodies, Appeals, Offenses, etc.)

o         PNP Complaints and Grievances (Rules & Procedures -     PAGBABAGO II / LOI PATNUBAY)

o         Morale and Welfare (Awards, Leaves, Pay, Allowances and     Benefits, etc.)

o    Data Analysis (addition, multiplication and percentages on     personnel strength and crime statistics)


Supervising Bodies

      o         Powers of LGE over the police

      o      Powers and Control of Napolcom over the PNP

      o         Applicable CSC rules and regulations ( Recruitment, Appointment, Promotion, Placement, Retirement, etc.)


PNP Operations

o         Traffic rules and procedures

o     Patrol rules, procedures and principles

o   Criminal Investigation

o   Intelligence

o    Special Operations (CDM, Checkpoint, SOCO, etc.)

o     Police Operational Procedures (POP)

o          PNP Master Plans (Sandigan, Sangyaman, etc.)

o   ISO (Oplan MAAGAP)


Values and Ethical Standards

o          PNP Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards

o          PNP Customs and Traditions